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A Pacific Northwest Premier Lavender Farm & Distiller + handcrafted gifts

What started as a dream in 1995 for a group of community citizens with a vision of preserving agricultural farmland from unbalanced rural housing development, has helped transform our little part of the world into an international agritourism summer destination and our farm has been there from the beginning. 

A lavender industry leader from the fields to the table, we celebrate all things lavender as our farm continues to honor the original pledge that we made 20 years ago.  How do we do this?  We do this through the continuation of land preservation and acquisition, improving sustainable farming practices, and facilitating all product development and workings right here on the farm. 

This model of vertical integration is not only a lifestyle that continues to drive Olympic Lavender's growth, it's a message that we hope will inspire future lavender lovers to get involved with this powerful herb in their hometowns and see what a new generation of lavender farming can be all about.

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When a group of concerned citizens and community businesses in Sequim met in the Spring of 1995, it was to meet about what was becoming of their small, rural town which had changed practically overnight.   New retirees from around the country looking for the quiet life and big box retailers buying up precious farmland, the character and charm of this town was never going to be the same again. 

To see what these citizens and businesses did about it...

Is it possible to be both organic and sustainable as a farm and business in this day and age?  You bet it's possible, and we can show you how we are doing it!   We are currently an11 acre farm & boutique,  USDA Certified Organic since 2002 and spread over three different farm locations. 

To see what we do and how we live this lavender lifestyle,   come visit us on the farm and check out our practices from field to product and you will see what everyone else knows...

We take pride in our handcrafted lavender products because well...we craft them ourselves!  We do not ship out or outsource our products.  We use only USDA Certified Organic lavender and USDA Certified Organic lavender essential oils, grown right here in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley.

Each product has a story, a meaning behind what we make and why we make it, and it all starts with you in mind.  See what we do with our products and what process goes into this form of art.


The lavender lifestyle is not just for anyone, it's for everyone!  Come see what lavender is all about, check out our products and shop for that perfect gift for you or a loved one.


Whether you have lavender on the mind 24/7 like we do, or you have never heard of lavender until now, lavender, like life comes in all shapes and sizes and there is a scent or flavor for every woman, child and man.  This incredibly powerful and versatile herb is a great addition to meat and fish dishes, mixed with other herbs and spices, and takes desserts and sweets to a whole new level.

If lavender in your food is not your thing, that's ok!  Check out our featured products on the "SHOP" menu page or check out some of our resources under the "LAVENDER" menu page for the full lavender experience online.