Lavender redefined, from our organic Sequim lavender farm and stores to you!  

For 20 years, Olympic Lavender Co. and Olympic Lavender Heritage Farm has introduced this herb and essential oil to generations of lavender lovers, changing the way we use lavender in our daily lives from farm to body and home.  

Come see why more people are choosing Olympic Lavender as their source for all things lavender.

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We got our start with a crazy vision in 1995 of lavender fields everywhere, just like you would see in France and in oil paintings. We were part of a group of citizens looking to preserve our small town charm with the introduction of this versatile herb. With lavender in the ground and open for business, we helped start a lavender revolution that was the talk of the nation.

Today, only two of those eight original lavender farms are still growing lavender for agritourism, education, and products...Purple Haze Lavender and Olympic Lavender Heritage Farm.  

Our commitment to you is to continue to keep the Sequim lavender revolution alive for future generations, so come by and visit a farm!


In 1995, the original farm owners, and many citizens, wanted to save farmland and open space in their community from mass subdivision, development, and loss that was occurring due to county mismanagement of land use through the Washington Growth Management Act.

A visit to our main farm location is a visual model and reminder of that mismanagement and loss of precious farmland, but we don't hate, in fact we embrace our neighborhood diversity today.   We are fortunate to have preserved 3 other farm/field locations for a total of 14 acres of open space in Dungeness that will forever be lavender fields and natural beauty, protecting it from further development and loss. 

Our commitment to you, our children, and our community is to continue this mission of purchasing and leasing farmland whenever possible to keep farming and open space alive!


We were committed to being certified organic before it was cool to be certified organic.  Back in 1999, we started a three year journey to become USDA certified organic and received that approval in 2001. 

Why is this important to you?  It is important because you want  lavender that is certified organic and grown right here in Sequim. We use only certified organic grown lavender flowers in our products. We also only use certified organic distilled lavandin essential oils in our products.   

We care about what you think and we care about the products you use, just like we do with our friends and family.  You are family and that is our commitment to you.


We farm, you farm, everybody farms!  At Olympic Lavender Heritage Farm, you probably won't see us sitting down in the lavender fields on adirondack chairs, sipping margaritas...all though that sounds like fun! 

No, no...you will find us in the boutique, in the stillhouse, in the greenhouse, or in the fields working, and that is the way it should be.  Just like our Olympic Lavender Italian Bees, we don't stop "buzzin" around until it gets dark, so stop on by and we'll chat with you and show you how life on the farm is done. 

Want a lavender tour?  You got it!  Want to distill some lavender for oil with us?  You got it!  Want to cut some lavender with us and see how we hang to dry?  You got it!  Want to defoliate and clean some lavender bud with us?  You got it! Our commitment to you is that we will provide you a unique lavender experience like no other. 



What's better than visiting our lavender farm and remote fields in the Spring through Fall to shop for your lavender products and gifts?  Well, how about getting your lavender fix year round at our downtown boutique in Sequim when you visit!

You can still shop at our farm boutique store in Dungeness from Spring through Fall each year, but when the farm is closed for the winter, you can now shop for great lavender products and gifts in our downtown Sequim boutique.  Visit our neighbor businesses while you are downtown!

With two locations to choose from, we offer you the same great lavender products and gifts for your friends, family and for you, so treat yourself, Olympic Lavender style!  


You know one of the fantastic things that we love about lavender?  We love that we can manufacture some really healthy and unique lavender products for you that are new and fresh.

We handcraft our lavender products, utilize commercial kitchen convenience and technology, and package and label all products on site at the main farm.

This process of in-house production and processing assures quality, creativity, and allows us to stand behind our reputation as an operation that brings you great lavender products that are literally from the farm to your table and to your home.

You want quality and a modern feel that treats you the way you want to be treated.  You want lavender, lavender oil, and lavender products that are grown, distilled, and handcrafted with you in mind.  That is our commitment to you.